This extremely versatile self contained unit provides fast first on the scene fire fighting capabilities for extinguishing or containing blazes until larger and slower backup equipment arrives to assist.

The Bakkie chief is designed to fit on all 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks, fitting immediately behind the cab in front of and over part of the wheel arches, leaving ample loading space.

The Normac high pressure self priming pump with the live mounted hose reel, piped in three way ball valve system and 20mm brass nozzle with ball valve provides for maximum versatility and economical use of water.
Operational by one person - a must for farm estates, municipalities and construction. Apart from grassfire control they can be used for many purposes such as water transfer, crop spraying and vehicle wash down.

* Twin mount live hose reel
* Full carrying frame with lifting lugs.
* Trailer mounted units
* Customer own specifications built to order

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Mc Bean's choose's Normac when needed to deliver a powerful firefighting machine.
Outstanding Features
* Normac self priming pump
* High volume for quick filling
* High pressure
* Brass nozzle with ball valve for maximum economical use of water.
* Choice of tank sizes 300 to 700 litre
* Operational by one person
* Live hose reel
* Quick interchangeable couplings
* Baffled tank for vehicle safety
* Internal or external suction
* High pressure for foam making
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