Swift Piston Pumps
High Pressure Triplex pumps. Stainless Steel for long lasting durability.

Davey Pumps
We have 4 new models of the 5 series, engines are availible with electric start.

Normac Pumps

Light weight high pressure multifunctional pumps.

Bakkie Units
High pressure, high volume, ideal for fire fighting.

Mac Fire Syringe
Hand operated, ideal for reducing large flames to managible level’s.

Firefighting Nozzles

Various nozzle’s, hand pump and trigger opperated.

Mac Duck Floating Pump
Lightweight and portable, ideal for firefighting and removing water from ponds, trenches etc.

Mac Polly Fire Fighter
Tough, compact and lightweight, adjustable straps.

Mac Fire Liter
Simple operation, ideal for burning sugar cane, establishing fire breaks etc.
McBean’s has a wide selection of firefighting equipment, along with a few innovative products designed by McBean’s.
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