Mac Fire Liter

Safe and simple to operate.

For burning of sugar cane fields, establishing fire breaks and similar tasks, the fire liter is ideal. The fuel mixture is gravity fed from the container to the wick, which, when ignited, allows the operator to leave a trail of fire. This unit features a robust container , effective quick release valve, large filler opening and strong , comfortable carrying handle. Attached is a steel extension wand, to which is fitted a fibreglass packed stainless steel wick, designed for long and effecient service.

Mac Fire Liter is a lightweight, hand held burning tool, great for burning sugar cane or establishing firebreaks.


Tank Cold drawn steel welded capacity 4.5 litres.
Filler Cap 50mm BSP Aluminium
Air Bleed Valve 1/4" BSP Valve
Fuel Cap Lever operated brass ball valve
Extension Wand Steel tubing, steel nozzle
Burner Fibreglass packed replaceable bolt on
Handle Tubular semi-circular, folding
Fuel Mixture 2 parts distillate and 1 part petrol
Packing Corrugated carton measuring 195x 195x 570 long
Weight 3.6kg Packed
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