Mac Fire Syringe
Patented and Manufactured
in South Africa

The Mac Fire Syringe is ideal for controlling fires in fire breaks and reducing flames to manageable sizes.

For Controlled Burning of Fire Breaks

The MAC fire syringe provides a concentrated and controlled application of water to areas
of extra long growth thus reducing flames and heat to manageable levels, enabling beaters
to appraoch close enough to extinguish flames. While the MAC fire syringe is ideal for most
fire break control applications, it is indispenable in areas which are too steep or rocky for conventional wheeled units to penetrate or where water is in very limited supply.

Hand operated by pull-push action, steel backed cup leather piston, fitted to sturdy
galvanised plunger rod with plastic moulded on handle . The nozzle contains one large
centre hole with a non-return valve for quick filling and a circular pattern of fine holes
for discharge. The cylinder is of rigid PVC.

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